Hatho ThermoPol Set


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Hatho ThermoPol Set

Less work for better results is what the new Hatho ThermoPol Set is built upon. It’s revolutionary design and working technique will brighten not just acrylics in faster-than-ever times, but also thermoplastics such as Valplast® and TCS®. That being said, this all-in-one kit is the only of its kind on the market, and will take your denture polishing work to a whole new level.

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Weight 3 lbs

Hatho Mira Polishing Buff (#1670523), Hatho AlphaCard Pocket Card (#1670547), Hatho Polistar Pro Pink (#1670546), Hatho Polistar Cream (#1670544), Hatho Cosima Soft Buff (#1670543), Hatho Polistar Lintygrey Compound (#1670542), Hatho Multi Layer Brush (#1670541), Hatho ThermoPol Set (#1670540)


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