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Orthodontic and Dental Supplies

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At Tru-Tain we’re prepared to provide you with all the dental practice and orthodontic supplies you need. If you're operating a dental practice, we can supply you with the materials necessary to satisfy customers, when you need them.

We offer orthodontic peripherals, helpful thermoforming tutorials and resources, Tru-form vacuforming machinery, and everything else you need to keep your practice running smoothly. No matter where you’re practicing across the U.S., we have the dental supplies for you.

Our Dental Supplies:

Tru-Tain offers a wide variety of supplies that every dental practice needs to support a varied and dynamic clientele, including:

You can browse through our extensive online selection of dental supplies here.

Our Legacy:

Tru-Tain has been supplying practices with high-quality dental practice and orthodontic supplies since the development of the Tru-Tain retainer in 1975. For over 40 years the Tru-Tain retainer has been utilized in dental practices across the country. As a testament to its sleek and innovative design, the Tru-Tain retainer remains available in its original form in our product catalog to this day.

Today, we continue to offer long-lasting, affordable orthodontic and dental lab materials for all your orthodontic needs. Our quality products and great customer service team will ensure your dental supply needs are fully and quickly met, and with our easy-to-use website, we make product selection simple. Simply browse our dental supply catalog online whenever your orthodontics supplies run low. Our products are available to businesses across the U.S. looking for quality, top-shelf dental and orthodontic supplies.

What our Customers Say

I started using Tru-Tain products during my residency 30+ years ago for both retention and minor tooth movement. Dr. Truax developed the GOLD STANDARD for aligner therapy, and Tru-Tain has maintained the GOLD STANDARD in all of their plastics and related products throughout the years. Kevin and his staff were part of the development of these products and have complete knowledge of how to best use these products to best serve our patients.

Finally, the personal service provided by his family-owned company is impossible to find in this corporate laden industry. Tru-Tain has been and always will be my “go to provider” for all of our plastics and related products.


- Dr. William (Billy) Neale
- Dr. William (Billy) Neale

What our Customers Say

I have been using Tru-Tain Retainers for over twenty years. The quality and reliable materials I buy from Tru-Tain are a huge benefit to my orthodontic practice.



- Dr. Charles Praska
- Dr. Charles Praska

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