thermoforming plastics

Thermoforming Plastics Resources

Commercially available thermoforming machines are still relatively new in the world of orthodontics. Because of this, the process of thermoforming plastics may not be something you or your patients are completely familiar with. Tru-Tain is excited to share how advanced technologies have made the process of designing and creating custom ortho products more cost effective and efficient than ever.

Please feel free to enjoy the instructional videos, documents, and data we have provided below for additional information on thermoforming plastics and thermoforming machines. We encourage you to review what we offer at Tru-Tain so you can better understand the impact that ortho products and thermoforming machines will have on your patients’ futures. With the great advancements made in the last decade in thermoforming plastics, staying informed is half the battle! For additional questions, please contact us today!

Instructional Videos