Corning Inlay Wax


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Corning Inlay Wax

Corning Inlay Wax is developed for the requirements of inlay technique. The wax is form-stable and contraction resistant (low shrinkage) from wax-up to burnout. It will not pull, flare, chip, crack, drag or expand at the margins, even when being cast in extremely thin sections. It will resist deformation due to handling and can be easily carved. Will not become sticky or flaky or gum up instruments and will burn-out cleanly with no residue.

Comes in regular, hard, special hard and white, also available in 1-pound package.

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Weight 2 lbs

White (#1880450), Special Hard Blue (#1880440), Special Hard Green (#1880430), Hard Green (#1880420), Hard Blue (#1880410), Regular Blue (#1880400), Regular Green (#1880390)


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