Yeti Wax Giant


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Yeti Wax Giant

The Wax Giant is made of high quality wax that has minimal shrinkage. It’s hard but not brittle and allows for modeling of the smallest fissures. The double line with integrated cervical wax saves time. The Wax Giant has a stable base with the wax disc position at the perfect working height. The foam ring is for convenient removal of excess wax.

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Weight 3 lbs

Modeling Wax Blue with inlet (ash-free) (#1910581), Modeling Wax Gray with inlet (opaque) (#1910579), Modeling Wax Sand with inlet (opaque) (#1910577), Modeling Wax Blue (ash-free) (#1910580), Modeling Wax Gray (opaque) (#1910578), Modeling Wax Sand (opaque) (#1910576), Cervical Wax Red (ash-free) (#1910575)


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