Orthodontic aligner systems and the best materials to fabricate them

Understandably, dentists and orthodontists are always on the lookout for the best materials to fabricate orthodontic aligners. There are so many options out there, but ideally, you want a material that is strong enough to withstand the forces of tooth movement and be comfortable for your patients at the same time. Here’s why Tru-Tain’s DX … Continue reading “Orthodontic aligner systems and the best materials to fabricate them”

3 Technological Advances in Orthodontics

In terms of dentistry and orthodontics, technology has started to move quickly: and for good reason. New treatments and procedures come out all the time, and established ones continue to advance. The final result of this is that patients can benefit from more complex technologies that offer safer and faster treatments with better outcomes. Three … Continue reading “3 Technological Advances in Orthodontics”

Shift happens: helping patients retain their smiles

Many orthodontic patients successfully get through their treatment only to neglect the next important part of treatment; wearing their retainer. Now, for patients who get the permanent retainer this is less of a problem. But for those who take the removable option, neglect and forgetfulness can undo so much good work. After all, wearing the … Continue reading “Shift happens: helping patients retain their smiles”

The advantages of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry—in one form or another—has been around since at least the 1980s with CAD/CAM technology. However, back then it was for larger labs that could afford such equipment. Smaller labs and dental practices were unable to benefit from the technology, and it’s only been in the last 10/15 years that it’s become more accessible. … Continue reading “The advantages of digital dentistry”

Continued popularity of DIY teeth whitening continues to cause health concerns

Somethings should be left to the professionals. And teeth whitening is one of those things. Over—at least—the last 10 years there have been a raft of DIY teeth whitening treatments most, if not all, of which tend to have poor results for people using them. Of course, not all DIY kits are dangerous, but most … Continue reading “Continued popularity of DIY teeth whitening continues to cause health concerns”

KeySplint Soft Live Training

KeySplint Soft: Live Training for Keystone’s Revolutionary 3D Printing Resin for Nightguards and Splints May 12 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm · Eastern Standard Time Register Here: https://lmtmag.comhttps://lmtmag.com/webinars/keysplint-soft-live-training-for-keystone-s-revolutionary-3d-printing-resin-for-nightguards-and-splints-2021-05-12/ldo/webinar_register/118480

Accuracy of At Home Impressions

A dental impression is a negative engraving of the teeth and contiguous structures, just as the initial phase in creating dental prostheses, for example, removable false teeth and fixed restorations notwithstanding dental appliances, for example, mouthguards, brightening trays, retainers, and clear aligners. Generally, to take an impression, patients must visit dental specialists in their office. … Continue reading “Accuracy of At Home Impressions”

Dementia Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene

Dementia Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene A past filled with interminable dental medical problems expands the chances of dementia, as indicated by a communitarian concentrate between analysts at National Taiwan University Hospital and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Late investigations recommend that harm to the cerebrum results from neighborhood fiery cells safeguarding … Continue reading “Dementia Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene”

Is Being a Dental Hygienist the Best Job Ever?

The Numbers Dental hygienists delighted in a mean salary of $74,820 in 2018 and a normal of $36.30 every hour, which is a slight improvement over 2017’s $74,070 average. The best-paid 25% of hygienists made $89,619, while the least paid 25% made $62,490. “For the amount of time and dollars spent in dental hygiene education, … Continue reading “Is Being a Dental Hygienist the Best Job Ever?”

Big Numbers of Youth Athletes Not Wearing Mouthguards

Big Numbers of Youth Athletes Not Wearing Mouthguards November 2019, a survey sponsored by Delta Dental found alarming numbers of youth athletes that are not wearing mouthguards during sports. For example; while playing soccer, 37 million athletes under the age 12 don’t wear a mouthguard while playing soccer. Protecting the teeth and facial bones in … Continue reading “Big Numbers of Youth Athletes Not Wearing Mouthguards”