Continued popularity of DIY teeth whitening continues to cause health concerns

Somethings should be left to the professionals. And teeth whitening is one of those things. Over—at least—the last 10 years there have been a raft of DIY teeth whitening treatments most, if not all, of which tend to have poor results for people using them.

Of course, not all DIY kits are dangerous, but most of them are mediocre at best.

The biggest problem with DIY kits, whether they’re effective or dangerous, is that there’s no dental professional’s input in the process.

Which means patients have no idea if they even need teeth whitening, or actual dental care. Only a dental professional can properly assess a patient’s oral health. Making teeth whitening from a dentist the safer, more effective option.

Whitening trends and their effects on teeth

Over-the-counter whitening strips essentially dehydrate teeth giving them the appearance of whiteness. So, while this isn’t terrible for your teeth, overuse can cause tooth sensitivity and permanent damage to your teeth.

Your average consumer’s desire to have whiter teeth sees them buying and trying almost anything—from strange trends on social media to the cheapest products Amazon has to offer. Sometimes nothing much happens except a few people get sick, and products are pulled from sales.

Other times people cause irreparable harm to their teeth, and end up having to spend more money on dentistry than if they’d just gone to a dentist in the first place.

Dangerous TikTok trend

A more recent trend, brought to you by social media is cleaning teeth with Mr. Clean magic eraser. Yes, people are using small pieces of this strong abrasive cleaning product on their teeth, and are actually happy with the results…

Until they put the Mr Clean magic eraser on their gums. Or they apply it too often. Either way, putting a strong abrasive chemical cleaner on your teeth cannot be healthy for you.

Social media channels have put a health warning on any video that shows people using the cleaner on their teeth in an effort to dissuade people from trying this themselves.

Dangerous levels of bleach found in online whitening kits

Every now and then a story pops up on Google News about whitening products being pulled from shelves for having too much hydrogen peroxide. Over-the-counter whitening products legally have to have less hydrogen peroxide than what a dentist sell.

This is for obvious health reasons, and yet many consumers are unaware of how dangerous it can be. Mostly because the average consumer doesn’t associate white teeth with health but rather with cosmetics.

Selling the best whitening products available

Dentists who offer quality whitening systems for a competitive price are helping to reduce the number of people looking at unsafe and unhealthy DIY teeth whitening options.

Your average consumer still hasn’t made the connection between the color of their teeth and their health of their teeth. Most are just looking for a convenient, affordable way to whiten their teeth.

Niu Nait Take-Home Whitening System

Tru Tain offers Niu Nait Take-Home Whitening System. It’s developed by dentists to be hassle-free, pain-free, and doesn’t involve strips.

Results are seen in two weeks, and the whitening is available in two flavors: mint and strawberry. Patients who get their teeth whitened with this system swear by its effectiveness and ease of use. Especially those patients who don’t to whiten their teeth in their own time rather than sitting in a dentist’s chair for up to an hour.

Niu Nait Take-Home Whitening System is just one of the products Tru Tain offer if you’re looking to add an effective, affordable and easy-to-use take home whitening system to your dental practice.


Meta-title: DIY teeth whitening continues to cause health concerns

Meta-description:  More and more weird and unhealth DIY teeth whitening options are cropping up online. Here’s what they are, and what are healthier, safer options.

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