Pressure Indicating Paste (PIP)


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PIP is a pure white silicone paste, used for seating crowns, bridges and full, immediate and partial dentures. The brief procedure yields specific results that are easy to read and thoroughly reliable, surpassing results obtained with chemical set pressure indicating materials used to locate areas of denture discomfort. PIP is applied to the dry denture; companion PIP spray is applied to the tissue. The denture is then seated under pressure then removed. Areas where the paste has been displaced show points of excessive pressure.

Available items:
– 1 oz. Tube
– 1 1/4 oz. Pip Jar W/Remover
– 2 1/4 oz Pip Jar W/Remover
– 4 oz Pip Pump – Pip Jar 8 oz
– Pip Brushes 12/Pk
– Pip Packet W/Remover & Brush 24/Box
– 1 oz. Pip Remover
– 4 oz. Pip Remover


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