Trim® Plus PMMA Temporary Resin Acrylic


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Trim® Plus is a long term PMMA formula chairside tooth shade resin for use in fabricating temporary crowns, bridges, partials, and splints. Can be used in the laboratory for denture teeth. Color-stable for extended life and is available in shades B1 (59), B2 (61), A1 (60), A2 (62), D3 (65), A3 (66), B3 (67), 68, C2 (69), B4 (77), A3.5 (81), and A4 (87) for greater selection. (See chart under Trim® and Trim® II) Shades provide a natural appearance when matching patient requirements.

Note: Trim® Plus cannot be mixed with Trim® and Trim® II powders.

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