Thermoplastic Dental Materials for Sale

Is your dental or orthodontic practice in need of new thermoplastic dental materials? Tru-Tain manufactures a variety of thermal plastics in different colors for making splints and bonding to acrylics. Our new DX40 retainer material is up to 75% stronger than our original material and comes in square and round sheets. Browse different thicknesses of our surgical splint materials to find the right solution for each individual patient. No matter what type of dental thermoplastics or accessories you need, our product catalog has the solution you’ve been looking for. Your patients, especially young children, will love the variety of colors and styles they can pick from. Shop our thermoplastic dental materials for sale now!

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  • Base Plate Material

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Mouthguard Laminates

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  • coping materials

    Coping Materials

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  • pro-form laminate samples

    Dual Laminates

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  • Sale!

    EVA Mouthguard Materials (Buffalo Dental)

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  • Pro-Laminates

    Extra-Pro Laminates (PFMG-X)

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  • mouth guard materials

    Mouth-Guard – E.V.A. Materials

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  • mouthguard straps

    Mouthguard Straps

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  • niteguard laminates

    Niteguard Laminates (NG)

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