Acid Etch


Acid Etch

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Acid Etch creates a deeper etch pattern for easier application of bonding materials. For increased patient comfort and easy clean-up, Acid Etch is highly viscous, allowing for more accurate placement on enamel or dentin. Material will not slump, slide or run. Easily placed and controlled consistency. Acid Etch is odorless and tasteless, and available in a 37% concentration. It is also silica and glycerin-free.

Now in transparent aqua blue. A true benefit to your practice.

Standard Kit contains:
– 4 3ml Syringes Acid Etch®
– 20 25 gauge Flowthru® Microbrush®-Style tips
– 20 applicator brushes

Microbrush® and Flowthru® are registered trademarks of Microbrush Corporation.

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