G.T.C. General Tray Cleaner


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G.T.C.™ General Tray Cleaner is a special oxygenating formula designed to clean trays (including stainless steel trays), oral evacuators, and diamond instruments while removing alginate, zinc oxide eugenol paste, wax, and modeling compounds. G.T.C.™ contains a special flavoring agent and is effective as a deodorizer. G.T.C.™ is excellent for removing dried blood and for flushing and cleaning evacuators.

Bulk packaging available.

Effective Ratio: 2oz. (60ml) of G.T.C.™ to 1qt. of warm water. Do not clean instruments in the same solution as used to clean aluminum or stainless trays. Do not use with anodized nickel or chrome plated trays.

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