Yeti IQ Sculpturing Wax


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Yeti IQ Sculpturing Wax

Yeti IQ Sculpturing Wax was created with the help of well-known dental experts. This produced a high-quality sculpturing wax suitable for all applications. You get a high inner stability that’s very hard and not fragile. The higher point of solidification gives very good sculpturing features.

Available in 45g tins or IQ compact cylinder. Colors: Blue, Beige, Neon Green, Grey, Neon Yellow.

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Weight 2 lbs

Black Cylinder Cervical Wax (#1860135), Black Tin Cervical Wax (#1860103), Caramel Cylinder Wax (#1860141), Caramel IQ Underlining Wax (#1860127), Diagnostic Wax Dentin (#1860178), Grey Cylinder (#1860128), Neon Green Cylinder (#1860121), Beige Cylinder (#1860131), Blue Cylinder (#1860122), Neon Yellow Cylinder (#1860133), Grey Tin (#1860134), Neon Green Tin (#1860129), Beige Tin (#1860132), Blue Tin (#1860124)


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