NewCera Sculpturing Wax


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NewCera Sculpturing Wax

Keystone NewCera Sculpturing Wax is a new generation of a perfect sculpting wax that works without limits. It’s a wax that does what you want and helps create wax-ups easily and efficiently. The melting point of the wax is 131F (55C). Available in six different colors (Gray, Beige, Blue, Green, Yellow, White) and comes in a 70g package. Sold individually.

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Weight 2 lbs

Ash-free Yellow (#1911505), Ash-free Green (#1911504), Ash-free Blue (#1911503), Ash-free Beige (#1911502), Ash-free Grey (#1911501), White (#1910506), Yellow (#1910505), Green (#1910504), Blue (#1910503), Beige (#1910502), Grey (#1910501)


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