Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur


Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur

The special hollowed, fluted design of the Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur is perfect for easy removal of sticky tissue conditioners and pastes commonly used to take denture impressions. The Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur also works well in removing most soft liners. Messy removal of materials is eliminated with the Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur action set at a medium speed (15,000-25,000 rpm). The slower cutting speed reduces burning and melting of the liner. The hollowed design also reduces the clogging of carbide and minimizes flying debris. Once the liner is removed the final preparation of the hard surface can be performed with carbide of choice.

– Reduces burning and melting
– Reduces debris
– Sold individually

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