Hatho Habras Miniature Brushes


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Hatho Habras Miniature Brushes

Hatho Habras Miniature Brushes are manufactured in several grit sizes from long lasting polyimide filaments. All brushes are embedded with polish, eliminating the need for polishing paste.

The light grey brushes are embedded with aluminum oxide and are designed for pre-polishing ceramics and light cured materials. The dark grey brushes are embedded with silicone carbide and are designed for use on all alloys.

They last 12 times longer than standard goat hair brushes. The main advantages of Habras Brushes are durability, reduced dust while polishing, and a high sheen that can be achieved without the use of polishing pastes. Ideal speed is 3,000 – 6,000 rpm. Available in 4/Pkg.

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Weight3 lbs

2" Medium Silicon Carbide (#1670077), 1-5/8" Medium Silicon Carbide (#1670076), 7/8" Medium Silicon Carbide (#1670074), 7/8" Medium Silicon Carbide (#1670074), 2" Extra Fine Silicon Carbide (#1670072), 1-5/8" Extra Fine Silicon Carbide (#1670071), 7/8 Xtr Fine Silicon Carbide (#1670069), 3/4" Extra Fine Silicon Carbide (#1670068), 2" Aluminum Oxide Coarse Lathe (#1670062), 1" Aluminum Oxide Coarse (#1670060), 7/8" Aluminum Oxide Coarse (#1670059), 1" Aluminum Oxide Medium (#1670065), 7/8" Aluminum Oxide Medium (#1670064), 3/4" Aluminum Oxide Medium (#1670063), 1" Aluminum Oxide Fine (#1670055), 7/8" Aluminum Oxide Fine (#1670054)


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