Gelato Home-Care Fluoride


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Gelato Home-Care Fluoride

Gelato Home-Care Fluorides is a great way for patients to protect their teeth affordably and effectively at home.

The antimicrobial and alcohol-free Gelato Perio Rinse relieves tooth sensitivity, reduces gingival inflammation, helps inhibit plaque build-up, prevents demineralization and promotes re-mineralization.

Gelato Home Care can be easily applied with a tooth brush or a fluoride tray. Contains Xylitol, which is a proven inhibitor of plaque biofilm formation.

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Weight 2 lbs

0.40% Stannous Fluoride Red Berry Perio Rinse – 4.3oz (122g) (#24-10577), 0.40% Stannous Fluoride Mint Perio Gel – 4.3oz (122g) (#24-10477), 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Raspberry Perio Rinse – 10oz (284g) (#24-10377), 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Mint Perio Rinse – 10oz (284g) (#24-11877)


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