KeyMill Flex Wax Disc


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KeyMill TM Flex Wax Disc

Flexible and hard wax compositions made for the perfect milling technique

Flex Wax Disc 

The KeyMill Flex Wax Disc has both a flexible yet durable wax composition which allows removable partial denture frames to be milled for investment casting. Due to the fine composition, the milling result is very precise. It is rigid but flexible enough to maintain the exact clarity and definition of the clasps.

Mechanical Properties 

Melting Point: 100°C (212°F)

Burnout: No residue

Temperature: Stable

Sizes: H20mm, H25mm

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Flex Wax Disc, grey/H25mm (#1910556), Flex Wax Disc, grey/H20mm (#1910555)


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