Fastray™ Custom Tray and Acrylic Base Plate Material


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Fastray™ Custom Tray and Acrylic Base Plate Material

This classic product earned its’ reputation as a leading custom tray material worldwide.

Fastray™ is a dimensionally stable, radiopaque, self-curing individual tray and acrylic base plate material available in regular (5 min.) or extra-fast (3 min.) set.

In addition, Fastray™ will not stick to gloves, fingers, or the model. Available in 3 colors: Blue, Pink and White for different procedures.

Wear gloves when handling this produ

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

Liquid X-Fast – 1 gal. (3.8l) (#0921416), Liquid Regular – 1 gal. (3.8l) (#0921415), Liquid X-Fast – 1 qt. (32oz., 946ml) (#0921396), Liquid Regular – 1 qt. (32oz., 946ml) (#0921395), Powder Only: White – 5lb (2.3kg) (#0921394), Powder Only: Pink – 5lb (2.3kg) (#0921393), Powder Only: Blue – 5lb (2.3kg) (#0921392), Bulk Kit, X-Fast White (#0921391), Bulk Kit, X-Fast Pink (#0921390), Bulk Kit, X-Fast Blue (#0921389), Bulk Kit, Regular White (#0921388), Bulk Kit, Regular Pink (#0921387), Bulk Kit, Regular Blue (#0921386), Powder *Specify Color* – 25lb (11.34kg) (#0921429), X-Fast Liquid Only – 8 oz. (236ml) (#0921385), Regular Liquid Only – 8 oz. (236ml) (#0921384), Powder Only: White – 1 lb. (454g) (#0921383), Powder Only: Pink – 1 lb. (454g) (#0921382), Powder Only: Blue – 1 lb. (454g) (#0921381), Standard Kit, X-Fast White (#0921380), Standard Kit, X-Fast Pink (#0921379), Standard Kit, X-Fast Blue (#0921378), Standard Kit, Regular White (#0921377), Standard Kit, Regular Pink (#0921376), Standard Kit, Regular Blue (#0921375)


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