Yeti Thowax Special Waxes


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Yeti Thowax Special Waxes

We offer several different types of special Yeti Thowax Waxes. Each is available in 60g tins. Here are the following we sell:
1. Cervical Wax – smooth flowing wax, red color.
2. Underlining Wax – high density enables the carving of sharp edges, Bordeaux color.
3. Milling Wax – can be milled at 5,000 rpm, gray opaque color.
4. Stick-On – to place casting channels, sprues and pontics, neon pink color.
5. Sticky Wax – helpful for any repair of broken dentures or to solder metal parts, beige.

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Weight 2 lbs

Sticky Wax (Beige) (#1860160), Stick On (Neon Pink) (#1860080), Milling (Gray Opaque) (#1860102), Underlining (Bordeaux) (#1860023), Cervical (Red) (#1860034)


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