Hatho Special Lathe Brushes


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Hatho Special Lathe Brushes

The special design of these lathe brushes gives Hatho Special Lathe Brushes unique character. The single row brush is designed for interproximal polishing on a lathe. The spacing between the brush bundles provides heating during the polishing process. The dual row brush with its very short cut and stiff Chung King bristles is specially designed for the polishing of non-precious metals such as chrome cobalt.

These brushes come in 1 3/4” dia. or 2 1/2” dia. Available in 12/Pkg.

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Weight 3 lbs

Lathe brush w/plastic and wood core (2-1/2" dia.) (#1670021), Lathe brush w/plastic and wood core (1-3/4" dia.) (#1670020)


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