Hatho Poly Buffs


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Hatho Poly Buffs

The exterior of Hatho Poly Buffs consists of specially selected Chung King bristles which guarantee long life and high quality polishing. These brushes are wrapped around a core of grit-free, soft Scotch Brite and fine muslin cloth. These buffs retain pumice inside the disc material exceptionally well.

The characteristics of the valued Chung King bristles are complemented by the buffing materials to achieve optimum polishing properties. The properties make these brushes ideal for wet and dry polishing. The core is made from wood encased in plastic, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting.

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Weight 2 lbs

3" dia. 1,400 rpm (Muslin Cloth) – 3/pkg (#1670022), 3" dia. 1,400 rpm (Scotch Brite) (#1670019), 2" dia. 2,800 rpm (Scotch Brite) (#1670018), 1-3/4" dia. 2,800 rpm (Scotch Brite) (#1670017)


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