Pink & White Mounted Points


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Pink & White Mounted Points

The Pink and White Mounted Points are made of non-contaminating aluminum oxide. The pink mount is used for precious ceramic metals while the white point is used on non-precious ceramic metals. The shank is 3/32” (23.8 mm). The point shapes include: Wheel, Tapered, Flame, Small Barrel, Inversed Cone and Large Barrel.

– Made of aluminum oxide
– 3/32” (23.8 mm) Shank
– Available in various shapes
– Available in 72/Box

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White Stones – 59W Large Barrel (#1631275), White Stones – 42W Inv. Cone (#1631270), White Stones – 39W Small Barrel (#1631280), White Stones – 30W Flame (#1631285), White Stones – 20W Taper (#1631265), White Stones – 11W Wheel (#1631290), Pink Stones – 59P Large Barrel (#1631235), Pink Stones – 42P Inv. Cone (#1631230), Pink Stones – 39P Small Barrel (#1631240), Pink Stones – 30P Flame (#1631245), Pink Stones – 20P Tapered (#1631225), Pink Stones – 11P Wheel (#1631250)


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